Alone, Here I Stand

by Jody A. Simrell

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released September 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Jody A. Simrell Garfield, Arkansas

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Track Name: Alone, Here I Stand
Look into these lonely eyes,
See what I have seen,
The visions of happiness
The things that used to be
The dreams that were so true
The dreams that torture me
Can’t you see…

Feel this lonely heart
See what I used to be
A man so strong so bold
Like a knight in chivalry
But then you left me
For your selfish desires
Oh, so cold
I feel the pain in my heart

So alone here I stand
To fight a war that I can’t win
Why did you leave me
Why did you go?

Now I’ve lost all my dreams
Emptiness has swallowed me
I don’t want to go on
But my pride tortures me
And I know the truth
I see your misery
It helps comfort me

And alone here I stand
To fight a war that I can’t win
Why did you leave me
Why did you go….

So, yes there is true love,
A trust that burns deep
It’ll never let you go
No matter who you see
That is why I watch and grin
Let the pain soak on in
Sickenly Oh. God forgive me…

I know I should see the light
I know that I’m a good man
The strength that’s in my heart
To steady my shaky hands
To live another day
To learn how to play again
It’s not a sin
Oh, Lord it’s not a sin!
Track Name: Ripples in a Stream
Tiny ripples in a stream
Toss a stone to know they mean
Why do we want to know
What the future brings?
Pretty sunsets and warm days
The taste of life is so sweet
And I know I will always be
In love with you

Tiny ripples in a stream
The reflections of you and me
Like a flower that gives a show
Or, dandelions in a breeze
Where has all the time gone
It seems I met you just yesterday
And only when I’m Alone
Time slows down for eternity
And that’s when I know
I will always be in love with you

Tiny ripples in a stream
You can toss a coin to see what they mean
Or, tear the fabric that time mends
Just where does it end?
Do I see you or was that yesterday
Do you have time to play?
All I know is that I want you here with me
Making tiny ripples in a stream
Track Name: Fire and Ice
Fire And ice
By themselves the two are so painful
Yet it’s so nice
When the two meet in the middle

Fire and Ice
Make glow and last forever
Yet it’s so nice
When the two meet in the middle

Fire and Ice makes you wonder if this is the answer

Just like you I know there’s another day to right the wrongs along the way
And when we make up dear
That’s when fire and Ice make a pair.

Fire And ice
Like scotch on the rocks were always together
Yet when we clash
Don’t you know the blood just goes bitter

Others don’t understand are ways
They live their lives in the quiet way
But that’s not for you and me
Anger never lets us be

Just like you…..

Fire and ice
Make glow
And last forever
Yet it’s so nice when we are together
Track Name: Proud
As I think back to all those golden days
I realize that time has been so good to me
I had desire
I was full of life
My friends and family shined so bright
There was nothing that we couldn’t do

Time rolled by
It moved so fast
I always tried to do my very best
No one could out do me.

I cleared the way
Turned on the lights
My life, it shined so bright
I lived for the very day

That’s why I’m proud to be me
That’s why I’m proud to be free

I’ve learned so much
I’ve dove so deep
I fended off trouble so others could sleep
I’ve even set fire to the sky!

So pour the wine
Fill the glass
Feel the afterglow at last
There’s a warmth deep inside of me..

All things must come to an end
For it to start all over again
Time has no boundaries

Autumn leaves
Deep blue skies
It’s amazing how time flies
The seasons have all been good to me

I stand tall
I did my best
And now, it’s time to rest
Twilight is shining down on me

That’s why I’m proud to be me
That’s why I’m proud to be free…..
Track Name: I Shall Always Be There for You
See that starlit night
Here the sounds of the ancient trees
The water caressing the beach
Don’t you see, it’s just you and me

As I look into your eyes
My heart just deeply sighs
Id like to tell you how I feel
But I realize
The foolish heart isn’t real

So, take my hand
Together we will live our whole lives through
I shall always be, yes, I shall always be
I shall always be there for you…

Please Don’t tell a lie
Please tell me how you feel
And if I should cry
Oh, if I should cry,
I hope that it is happiness that I feel

So many things are the same
I knew that you felt that way too
Isn’t it wild that we two, could feel this way
I can’t believe that it’s you

So I ask you to trust me
Take a step and let your heart fly
I know that troubled waters are at hand
But, yet I’ll try, to understand
Track Name: Traveler
Yes, I am just a traveler
And I have lost my way
No, I have no answers
And no place to stay

Yes, I am just a traveler
And I’m nobody’s fool
Always seeing the dangers
Sometimes I’m known to be cruel

So, don’t judge me
For I’m just a man
Yes, I bleed, when you hurt me
And I cry, I cry, when I’m sad

No, no you don’t know me
I feel that I’ve lost my faith
Few have ever heard me
Now I hide my face

So don’t judge me….
Track Name: Diamond Girl
Diamond Girl dancing in the sun
Diamond Girl having so much fun in the sun Diamond girl

Do you love me Diamond, girl like you love the stars in the sky
Do you love me Diamond, girl like you love the clouds floating by, oh. Diamond Girl

You’re the love of my life, my morning sun and moonlit nights
You have a spell over me, and, won’t set me free, Oh, Diamond girl….

Do you need me Diamond girl
Like the rose needs the rain,
Will you always be so true
Or, fill my heart with pain Diamond Girl….

Will your love shine on me like the sun on the sea
Will you share your life with me
Through all eternity! Diamond Girl
Track Name: Never Growing Old
When I was just a boy about three
My Dady left my momma and me
Never Growing old

Before he left he said son I’m sorry
But, I have to follow my destiny
Never growing old

He said, I’m going back to Georgia
Well, she’s always been on my mind
People there yes, they know no sense of time
For they never grow old

Times were tough
Times were mean
My momma and I, alone in a bad dream
Never growing old

Id work so hard through sweat and tears
Leaven life’s quirks and all it’s fears
Never Growing old

Then one day, I had to go to Georgia….

I learned how to sing
I learned how to play
Broke many hearts along the way
Never growing old

I could do no wrong
I would always win
The glory in my eyes, seemed to kill all my sins
Never growing old

You see, I’m going down to Georgia…….
Track Name: Barrett's Song
Well, I remember you
Do you remember me?
In a part of time we met
A time that I will never forget
A time set up for you and me….
Just you and I
Against the world
Back to back, we fight our greatest foe….

You taught me how a friend should be
Quiet talks about the world
The way life should be
So, what can I say
How could God take you away from me?
Our perfect world
Now I stand alone
In our perfect world
God has set you free
From our perfect world

So now I think of you
All I have are memories
I ask myself why things go the way they do ?
I can only say, it prepares me for the way
The way things will be
To deal with out you

So, will we meet again
My precious friend
In a part of time we met
A time that I will never forget
A time that I always think of you
My dear friend
We will meet in the end
I shall always be your friend
For I remember you
Track Name: Please Forgive Me
Please forgive me
I am falling
I am falling, in love with you

Can you hear me
I am calling
I am calling out to you

I shall wait for you in the morning sunlight
Wait for you in the evening twilight

So forgive me for what I am thinking
What I am dreaming
Of a love with you

And now as I grow old I shall be waiting
For a love that I never knew…

And as my life goes by
Maybe someday I’ll realize that you don’t love me
That you don’t need me
Track Name: All Alone
All Alone
Late at night
Looking out
At a starry night
All Alone

I miss you
Oh, so much
I miss you
With your special touch
All alone

Dreaming of you every night
Dreaming of holding you so very tight
All alone
So alone
Oh, why did you leave me
I have wondered
I have suffered needlessly through the long and lonely night
All alone

All Alone
I need you
Please come back
Mend my broken heart
For I’m alone
Track Name: Talk to Me Pretty Girl
Look into my eyes
Put your hand in mine
Feel my love
Need my love tonight

Your love flows through me
So warm and tenderly
You’re the one
They only one for me…..

We will walk in moonlight my love
We will dance through the night my love
For I love you so
And I’ll never let you go
It’s a feeling I can’t hide

Talk to me pretty girl
Tell me what’s inside
For I need to know
And I don’t want to let you go
What’s that secrete that you hide?

Oh, what’s that look I see
So warm and tenderly
You feel my love
You need my love tonight.
Track Name: 13
As I go my merry little way
I know that I try
To do the right things for you and me
Because I’m that kind of guy
But it seems to me
If it should be
Something, almost ,always, always, goes wrong

So just blame me number 13
For I’m just bad luck
No matter how hard I try
I still mess up!
I could screw up a one car funeral
Or like, when I smashed up our pick-up truck
It was me that forgot your birthday
Because I got drunk
It seems to me
That no matter what I do
They call me 13.

I never won a bet
I was always late
I remember when we first kissed
I tripped on my own two feet
Yet you stayed with me
Through all eternity
No matter what I do
I will always love you
This is from your love
Number 13.